Violent Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney

In Oklahoma, “violent” crime includes robbery, assault with a dangerous/deadly, child neglect or abuse, all sex offenses, shooting with intent to kill, manslaughter, murder, and other serious offenses.  Those convicted of such crimes are required to serve either 50% or more likely 85% of their sentence before being eligible for release.  Many prosecution offices assign specially trained and highly aggressive lawyers to these cases.

Once again, do not speak with the police without an attorney prevent.  The consequences of conviction on thee offenses could be as high as life imprisonment.  If you are arrested or suspected of committing a violent crime you should call an experienced attorney without delay.

I have both prosecuted and defended violent crimes up to and including murder.  Do not risk your entire future by hiring an attorney without vast experienced in these most serious of cases.  Call me today to learn what I can do for you.

Each case is different. I will NOT lure you in with flowery stories about how someone in a completely different situation than you got some result or other. What I WILL do is work hard for you and put my many years of experience to work in getting you the very best outcome possible. Call now to discuss your individual needs based on your unique circumstances.