Gun Charges Criminal Defense

Prosecutors hate guns. There is no way around it. Whether the charge is felon in possession of a firearm, reckless conduct, carrying while under the influence of alcohol, or something else, prosecutors unfairly fear these defendants and will typically recommend incarceration.

Fortunately, proving gun possession is not always easy. Was it the defendant’s car? Was he sitting near the gun? Did he know the gun was in the car/house?  Was the weapon in plain view? Did the officer have the lawful authority to search the car or house or person? These cases are rarely as straight forward as they appear.

I am familiar with gun cases from both sides.  I can guide you through the process with the benefit of this experience. My track record on these cases speaks for itself. Call today for your free consultation.

Each case is different. I will NOT lure you in with flowery stories about how someone in a completely different situation than you got some result or other. What I WILL do is work hard for you and put my many years of experience to work in getting you the very best outcome possible. Call now to discuss your individual needs based on your unique circumstances.