DUI or DWI Charge

“How much have you had to drink tonite?” is a phrase no one wants to hear. The reality of a DUI arrest is simply that the officer on the scene makes her own judgement as to whether a person is too drunk to drive. They may use field sobriety “tests” such as the walk and turn, one leg stand, or horizontal gaze test, but it all comes down to the officer’s singular subjective conclusion based on whatever evidence she thinks she has. Put simply, if the officer thinks you’re drunk, then off to jail you go. This may not seem fair, and it isn’t. But it is reality.

One peace of advice I give to all my DUI clients is DO NOT BLOW INTO THE MACHINE OR GIVE BLOOD. While a person in the midst of a very stressful situation might be tempted to be cooperative in hopes that it will help them in the future, it NEVER does. The only thing that ends up happening is the cops just have more and better evidence that the person is under the influence. Unless you are 100% positive you will blow a zero, don’t risk it.

Fortunately, I know the ins and outs of DUI. I have prosecuted and defended these arrests for years. Often officers make technical mistakes which undermine their credibility. Other times, an arrestee’s behavior can be explained by medical conditions or other very simple circumstances. There are also numerous programs designed to help repeat defendants avoid incarceration or other long-term consequences.

Time is of the essence with a DUI arrest. Delay could jeopardize your driving privileges. Call me today to hear how I’ve helped people just like you.

Each case is different. I will NOT lure you in with flowery stories about how someone in a completely different situation than you got some result or other. What I WILL do is work hard for you and put my many years of experience to work in getting you the very best outcome possible. Call now to discuss your individual needs based on your unique circumstances.