Drug Trafficking or Possession With Intent: Criminal Defense

Major drug crimes remain one of the few non-violent crimes in Oklahoma that can carry mandatory prison time for the first offense. In many cases, long prison sentences are required for cases involving very large quantities of illegal drugs, known as “aggravated trafficking.” These cases typically follow one of three patterns: Traffic stops, search warrants, or consensual encounters such as at a bus station or airport.

Traffic stops are the most common way police arrest people for drug trafficking. The rules for conducting these traffic stops are extremely technical and involved. Police must have a valid reason to stop a vehicle, must not detain the occupants unreasonably, and must have probable cause or properly obtained consent to search a vehicle. See my blog articles for details. Similarly, search warrants and consensual encounters require that the police follow very strict rules for dealing with a suspect, for conducting any search, and for ultimately making an arrest. Again, see the blog for information on some of these rules.

I spent years prosecuting theses complex and highly technical cases and now provide my experience to people charged with drug trafficking and intent offenses. I once taught police officers on how to do this demanding part of their job correctly and now I offer my expertise to you. Call today for a free consultation about this very serious charge and to learn how I can help you during this difficult time.

Each case is different. I will NOT lure you in with flowery stories about how someone in a completely different situation than you got some result or other. What I WILL do is work hard for you and put my many years of experience to work in getting you the very best outcome possible. Call now to discuss your individual needs based on your unique circumstances.