Domestic Violence Charge & VPO: Criminal Defense

Being charged with domestic abuse can be very trying. In addition to criminal charges, there may be a Victim’s Protective Order (VPO) involved. Conviction or a finding of guilt could lead to long-term consequences including loss of gun rights. With respect to the criminal charges, prosecutors typically push very hard against defendants in these cases. Prosecutors fear what will happen if they don’t attempt to throw the book at anyone charged with domestic violence.

Even so, domestic violence charges can be difficult to prove. A very specific set of facts must be show for such a charge to proceed. I have spent many years prosecuting and defending these cases. Many of my clients end up having all charged of domestic abuse against them dismissed. Call right away if you are charged with domestic violence.

It may not seem like it, but VPO’s are a big deal. Having a final/permanent VPO against you can jeopardize rights such as the ability to possess or even be around firearms. I can guide you through this treacherous process and ensure that your rights are protected.

Each case is different. I will NOT lure you in with flowery stories about how someone in a completely different situation than you got some result or other. What I WILL do is work hard for you and put my many years of experience to work in getting you the very best outcome possible. Call now to discuss your individual needs based on your unique circumstances.