What to Know Wednesday: "We Just Want Your Side of the Story"

Thursday, April 18, 2019 - 11:49am
So many folks get into deeper trouble by talking with the police. Whether it is a recorded interview or and informal statement, this is a very bad idea. Outside the presence of an experienced criminal defense attorney, this is NEVER a good thing. While the police might claim they want to hear your side, hinting that this might change the mind of the District Attorney in filing charges, that is not their intent.
Every bit of information you give them will be used to strengthen their case. “Yes I knew the alleged victim.” “Well, yes I was there that day but…” “We were having an argument but…” are all puzzle pieces they use to construct their case against you. They will ignore the buts in favor of their own theory (and they do have their own theory). So, NEVER TALK TO THE COPS.
Have you been contacted by law enforcement for an interview request? You've already said too much. Don't make it worse. Call the legal team at Childers & Motsinger right away. We will protect you. (405) 601-9393.
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