Choose Wisely

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 3:55pm

There are different kinds of criminal lawyers out there.  Some could be good lawyers for your case.  Some will be... not so good.  The main difference that I see is that some focus more on marketing than on lawyering.  They have a gimmick or a political view or an ethnic group they're focused on or purport to be a specialist in one area of law or another and they go a great distance to get your attention.  Personally, if I had a serious charge against me I would avoid marketing-oriented lawyers like the plague.  I want a lawyer who will defend me to the greatest extent possible, not one who is over-focused on getting my attention in the first place.

Some lawyers promise a particular result in a case in order to get your retainer.  We don't promise a particular result whether it's an acquittal or dismissal or any other outcome.  Instead we promise that we will give you the best advice possible and work hard to negotiate or litigate your claim to it's best result given the circumstances.  Any lawyer who promises or guarantees a particular result is not telling you the whole story.  How can a lawyer guarantee a result in a criminal matter?  There are other people involved: prosecutors, judges, jurors, police, witnesses, and, of course, you, all of whom have a great deal of influence on the outcome of a case.  What a lawyer has is some ability to analyze the case and present compelling arguments about the merits of the evidence presented against you and the reliability of the witnesses of the State.  Using these assets the lawyer can negotiate or litigate your case for you, but he can't really promise you an outcome before he's even looked at the evidence.  And yet plenty do it anyway; choose wisely.

If you have a felony or misdemeanor charge against you, you have a serious problem.  Now is the time to consider your options carefully.  Childers & Motsinger is state wide with excellent results and reasonable rates.  Call (405) 601-9393 today.


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