About Going to Jail

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 12:00am
Oklahoma County Jail

People go to jail.  Our local jail, the one with which I happen to be most familiar, is the Oklahoma County Jail on Shartel here in Oklahoma City.  It has a rated inmate capacity of 1200 but routinely houses 2500 inmates.  It's just chock full of people, some dangerous, some stupid, some crazy, and some dangerously stupid and crazy.  Combined with the overpopulation this is an extremely dangerous situation for both the inmates and their custodians, employees of the Sheriff.   You really don't want to be in there with them while your life passes you by.  Your girlfriend will be out with other guys and your employer will fire you while your house gets foreclosed on or you get evicted from your apartment.  All a bad situation to be in when you also have criminal charges pending.  So how do you get out out of being in the jail and how do you minimize your risk of spending any time in the jail.

If you are charged with a crime you need to act swiftly in order to avoid spending significant time with the other inmates in the county jail no matter where you are charged.  You need to get a lawyer and a bondsman.  The bondsman, if you hire them (their fees are typically 10% of the bond amount), will write you a bail bond which the jail will accept instead of having you in the jail personally.  If you act early you will be able to schedule what is called a "walk-thru".  You will be able to go to the jail and be booked in and out without ever entering their custody.  They'll take your picture, your fingerprints, and your bond and you will be free to go while you work your way through the court system.

The best time to schedule a walk-thru if you have a charge is today! Don't wait to get on bond, do it now.  Cops love busting people with warrants and they do it at all hours of the day and night.  Being in jail will subject you to many problems you don't want to have.  It is hard for your lawyer to talk to you in the jail.  We can't just call you whenever.  We have to set up appointments, etc., which lowers our ability to communicate with you effectively.  You will have difficulty talking with friends and family (if you are in jail though do not talk with anybody but your lawyer about your case, they record all conversations except for those with your lawyer.)  You need to be out to defend yourself.

I mentioned that you also need a lawyer.  We are not joking about that.  You know what happens when you bond out and then you show up to court without a lawyer?  Oftentimes the Court will revoke your bond and put you back in the jail.  The Courts presume in Oklahoma that if you can afford a bond then you can certainly afford an attorney.  This is factually ridiculous in my opinion, but that is the way they think about it.  Do not expect to be bonded out of jail in Oklahoma and to be granted court-appointed (free) counsel.  This does not generally happen, but I get to watch people who show up in Court without counsel get remanded to the custody of the sheriff because they didn't hire a lawyer.

You also need a lawyer to actually analyze your case and present a defense to the charges against you.  Even if there is no real defense to the charges you still need a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.

Conclusion (the good part!)

If you have criminal charges pending anywhere in Oklahoma that are going to be heard in a District Court (county court) you need a bondsman and a lawyer immediately in order to avoid spending time in jail.  We work state wide and have reasonable rates and excellent results.  Call us today (405) 601-9393.

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